Pleadings and Arbitration

The office has extensive experience and qualifications that enable it to represent local or international parties in pleading in commercial cases of all kinds before all courts and judicial committees, such as the Securities Disputes Resolution Committee and the Banking Disputes Resolution Committee, in addition to arbitration in commercial and banking issues and others.

civil law

The office provides a distinguished group of attorneys with all services in civil law, filing suits, attending sessions, pleading, submitting notes and petitions in addition to the rent law and all that relates to it

Debt collection

Also, collecting debts of all kinds, whether individuals or companies in all ways, and we have (Call Center) in addition to the system for customers, which makes us one of the best offices in this regard, where we have a distinguished business precedent with many companies.

Real estate related operations

The members of the office have the ability to work in all matters related to this field, including real estate disputes, endowments, real estate marketing, registration of residential and administrative units – obtaining licenses and dealing with all government agencies.

Criminal Law

The office provides all integrated services in criminal disputes from attending hearings of investigations in prosecutions and courts, attending hearings and pleadings, and submitting notes.

Administrative work related to the legal aspects

The office undertakes the administrative work of companies and bodies before completing all work related to contracts and licenses whenever they are related to a legal purpose. From extracting licenses from neighborhoods, governorates, ports, and customs clearance.

Commercial Law

(A) Partnership contracts and their establishment.
(B) Foreign direct investment.
(C) Mergers and acquisitions. And liquidate the companies
(E) Directing all commercial and labor issues related to companies

Intellectual property

Registration of trademarks in the Arab Republic of Egypt and registration of patents and copyrights
Advocate cases related to intellectual property infringements

Real estate registration works

The office is concerned with performing all real estate business in registering contracts in agreement, validity and enforcement, or any other administrative work related to the real estate month.